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Mountain Resort


In 2007, JMA Ventures (JMA), the parent company of Homewood Village Resorts, LLC.,
proposed to expand Homewood Mountain Resort (HMR) shortly after acquiring it in 2006.

Locals and patrons immediately called for the continuation of public recreation on this beloved mountain. 

In 2011, the TRPA and Placer County Board of Supervisors approved the proposed expansion of HMR.

Over ten years have passed since the TRPA approved the Homewood Mountain Resort Master Plan, and much has changed.
TRPA-response_Homewood.final_ Page 001.png
Final-Homewood-TRPA-Letter_20221108-004 Page 001.png

“We want to make sure that whatever happens is in keeping with the character of the Homewood/Tahoma community.”


— TRPA spokesperson, Julie Regan,

"The Last Resort" What does the future look like for Lake Tahoe’s Homewood Mountain Resort -Sierra Sun, Jan 25, 2008

The History of Homewood

"Mountain on one side, lake on the other. Homewood is nestled on the west shore of Lake Tahoe, a quiet secluded community that is more than just a destination — it's a state of mind." 

TRPA Approved Ski Area Master Plan

Homewood's Master Plan focuses on lodging and an improved mountain experience to preserve HMR’s “image as an intimate ski resort free from crowds which creates the ideal environment for both locals and tourists.”



Visual simulation of architectural design from approved Master Plan

“The new Homewood Resort design is conceived as an alpine village community in the architectural style of the classic old Tahoe lodges

Certain architectural features, in particular, gable and hipped roof shapes, dormer configurations, as well as the use of exposed timber and natural materials are designed to express the Tahoe lodge design theme in the manner of the Tahoe Tavern and Ehrman Mansion. These and similar National Park Service structures, exemplified by such buildings as The Ahwahnee Hotel.” (p. 28).

“In keeping with what Homewood has meant to so many of us over the generations, the design theme is 'Old Homewood,' which will find expression in the future architecture and design.”


— Homewood Mountain Resort's Newsletter "On The Homefront" Dec. 2006

It has been over 10 years since the Ski Area Master Plan for Homewood Mountain Resort was approved, however, an extension was granted by TRPA as JMA was stated to have begun construction on a new chairlift (although it seems to merely have been the retrofitting of the Ellis), thereby activating the permit that would otherwise have expired in 2020 (having already been extended by TRPA the previous year for reasons unknown).

In 2021, the developers of HMR proposed a revision to the design and configuration of the residences as part of the initial phase of construction. The classic “Old Tahoe'' design explicitly mentioned in the approved Master Plan is being replaced with a design that will be intentionally jarring against the natural landscape and surrounding neighborhood. With little notice or opportunity for participation and meaningful community input, Placer County Building Department's Tahoe Basin Design Review Committee gave its approval of the change in architecture, though it has now become evident that proper plan area statements and guidelines, along with the Master Plan itself, were not provided to the DRC members at the time of their decision.

“The community relied on the architectural design depicted in the Master Plan for the Homewood Mountain Resort development. The design was drastically changed without notice to, and the participation of, the community. The new modern design would change the entire look of Homewood and is incompatible with the character and existing architecture.



Objection Letter - June 18, 2021

The Master Plan had been guided by extensive community input until these modifications were made without the public being aware. 

Modifications — such as the revised Mountain Modern architectural design and discreet plans for privatization — were not evaluated nor approved by the Master Plan and thus warrant comprehensive review and public engagement.

For the past 14 years, Friends of the West Shore (FOWS), a non-profit community conservation organization, has been following the progress of the project, updating the community with status reports on their website and through newsletters. Keep Homewood Public
(KHP), a grassroots organization of local residents, has formed to lead the effort of informing the Lake Tahoe community at large about the developer's plans to restrict access to HMR and to promote public comment concerning the architectural aspects of the project. Sign up for the KHP Newsletter HERE

FOWS Newsletter.png


Residential Renderings — Walton Architecture + Engineering
(This design style was not depicted in the TRPA-approved HMR Master Plan)

No official updates from the developer have been provided to the public regarding the future plan for Homewood since they announced in April 2022 that they would start construction in the Summer of 2022. However, the final prospectus for Homewood Mountain & Lake Club, (not currently searchable via web browsers or search engines) clearly shows the plans which are currently being reviewed by Placer County Building Department.   

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