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Homewood Lot 5 - Phase 1B


Homewood Mountain Resort Phase 1B- Lot 5

Owner: Homewood Lot 5 DevCo. LLC

Zoning: Mixed Use (West Shore); Recreation

Homewood Lot 5 - Phase 1B

The applicant proposes development for the second phase of the “Homewood Mountain Resort Ski Area Master Plan” on Lot 5, which comprises of thirty-two (32) residential units dispersed between two buildings connected and anchored by ground level parking garages, storage facilities, skier services and back of house mechanical, electrical and plumbing infrastructure in the North Base area.

Homewood Lot 3 - Phase 1C

Permit ESD21-00133: 

Improvement Plan

Record Status: 4th Submittal

Homewood Lot 3 - Phase 1C

Project is an 7 Unit Planned Development consistent with the Homewood Mountain Resort Ski Area Master Plan- Phase 1C (7 Unit). The units are air space envelope condominiums and will create a Homeowner's Association. This submittal is a continuation of the 2011 approved tentative map for the parcel. The project includes grading, utility infrastructure, paving, building construction,BMPs, and landscaping. The units will be approximately 3,000 SF with up to three levels. The project is a permissible land use and is consistent with zoning and density.

"A substantial conformance was submitted in 2021."

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